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Over The Neptune / Mesh Gear Fox (R.Pollard) - Propeller (Rockathon/Scat)

From: (David Marley)

(this song does not rock...)

1st part: D C B A G F E A

          G Em Dm Am 2X (hold Am second time)

play this sequence twice, then repeat the G Em Dm Am sequence four times.


after the solo, the song (obviously) changes....

2nd part: A                           Bb

          you must be willing just to ride along with me...

play this 4 times, then...


          just pick me out from your cosmos


          and drop me in for your troops


          set me up for the knockdown


          you can watch (you can watch)


          but I'll be back when it's over

then a sequence of G C four times...


        G     C            G                                    C

          oh, mesh gear fox, pull out another bag of tricks from your

                 Em*                  C                           D

scientific box      Time's wasting and you're not gonna live forever...

G    C        G                  C         Em*                  C

And if you do, i'll come back and marry you, no use changing now, you


couldn't anyhow never

Em           C          G                            D

it's not the way that i feel that i's the way you act, it's

    C                        G

the way you look when you're near me.....

and repeat the end sequence (Em C G D C G)...

the star after the two Em chords refers to a little riff that is played t

o get from the Em to the C:

5A:             0 3

6E: 0    0 2 3

that's all for that one....i believe it is correct, but any corrections w

ould be welcome.....hopefully it will come out right on the mailing list.

E..btw, over the neptune/mesh gear fox is by far the best thing the ban

d's ever done, in my humble opinion...
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