Guns N Roses – You Aint The First tab ver. 2

song- you aint the first
band- gins n roses

chords E A G# B F#M |--------4--1--2--||-2------1--4--2--||-2---1--1--4--2--||-2---2--1--4--4--||-0---2-----2--4--||-----0--------2--|
intro 1-2-3-1-2-3 A--E--A--E--A--E--A--E E A E A i tried so hard just to get through to you E A But your head's so far E A from the realness of truth E A Was it just a come on in the dark E A Wasn't meant to last long E A I think you've worn your welcome honey E A I'll just see you along as I sing you this song E A Time can pass slowly, E A things always change E A You day's been numbered E A And I've read your last page E A You was just a temporary lover E A Honey you ain't the first E A Lots of others came before you woman E A Said but you been the worst Sa' you been the worst E G# So goodbye to you girl A B So long, farewell E G# I can't hear you cryin' A B Your jivin's been hell E B# So look for me walkin' A B Down your street at night G# I'll be in with another A B Deep down inside A G# F#m E DEEP DOWN IN-SIDE BY JASON PROWD PLEASE COMMENT
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