Gustav Holst – Oh God Beyond All Praising chords

Capo 3: (G)

Bb Eb F7/C Bb/DO - God beyond all praising,
Eb F GmWe worship You today,
Dm/F Eb F7/C Bb/DAnd sing the love amazing
Bb Eb Cb/Em BbThat songs cannot re-----pay;
Bb/D F Gm F/AFor we can only wonder
Bb/D EbAt every gift you send,
A/C Gm Bbmaj7/F Eb Bb/D Cm7At blessings with------out num---ber
Bb Cm/Eb Cm Gm/Bb F/AAnd mercies without end:
Dm/A Eb F7/C Bb/DWe lift our hearts before You
Eb F GmAnd wait upon Your word,
Dm/F Eb F7/C Bb/D We honour and adore You,
Bb Eb F7sus4 BbOur great and mighty Lord.
Then hear, O gracious Saviour, Accept the love we bring, That we who know Your favour May serve You as our King; And whether our tomorrows Be filled with good or ill, We'll triumph through our sorrows And rise to bless You still: To marvel at Your beauty And glory in Your ways, And make a joyful duty Our sacrifice of praise!
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