Gabby’s World – Winter Withdraw chords

F# B G#m C#mAt the black center of my thoughts I plead
E A E A“Winter, withdraw,” and I decide
F# B G#m C#mI’ll boldly no longer feel the deep cold
A F#I’ll only look to you
E A E ADo you even look at me?
E A E AWhat would we even be if not a part of this city?
F# B G#m C#mEntangled in deep tunnels that lead
A F#to the deadbolt lock of our hovering box
E A E AThe light refracted again and again
E AWith the brightest tension
E A E AThe fifth dimension folded back with loaded guns
E A F#Revealed its pact and pointed down vowed we'd dance
E A E ASo holding breath and holding hands
E A E AIts splitting breadth and scathing rants
F# Athat pull and stretch at what we'd deepened
F# B G#m C#mAnd when all that we built threatens to spill
A F#in a puddle on the tracks, sleepy stranger staring back
E AWhat a clumsy refraction
E AWhat an awkward expansion
E AQuite a sight to be seen
E A E AWhen what you were expecting a girl of nine reflected
E A F#Placed a skirt upon her head and said
E A“Now a woman I'll precede
E AFlowing hair, flow behind me
E AFrom the glowing inside
E AThrough the growing divide
F# Will you please provide
A EA cloudy feeling I can ride?"
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