Gambles – Rooftops chords

G C GMy name was tired I came to stay
G C Gthe one I found, the lion's tamed
G C Gwhere no one else forgets to blame
G C Gwhen you're locked inside the arrow
G C GBut please don't tell me when I'm dead
G C Gthe world was seen a'carrying
G C Goh the world was there when you found him
*whistling part*
G C GBeside your hand you hold my own
G C Gthe trees were long forgot and cold
G C Gwhen you go out protect your mouth
G C Em Gfrom all the dreams of what I haven't now
G C Gif you're crying when your gone
G C Gthere's no one and there's nothing wrong
G C Gbut trust me when I leave my song
G C Em Gthat all your dreams are shining down in love
G C Gthat all you have is where you go
G C Gthat all you have is where you go
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