Thick Bones chords with lyrics by Garrett Kato - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Garrett Kato – Thick Bones chords

G Em C G
G Em D G

[Verse 1]
G Em C GAt the Harlem river we sink like stones
C Em D Gyou see we've got heavy minds and we've got thick bones
C Em C Glike a deck of cards shuffled in my hand
C Em D Gyou said you want to make plans but you can't understand
G Em C Gyou see this race I run is a race I can't win
C Em D Gand there's a ghost in the attic been writing me these songs
[Interlude] G Em C G G Em D G [Chorus]
GAnd oh the truth is that
Em C GI always try at the cost of everything
EmOne day you'll see inside my fate
C Gthrowing caution with the wind
C Gso I can't pretend
Em DI guess I was somebody else
[Interlude] G Em C G G Em D G [Verse 2]
G Em C GWe were like gangsters gambling in the park
C Em D Gsaid you're old enough now not to fear the dark
C G D Gand oh the buisness man said "We are the same"
G Em C Ghe said you're making a living now you can't complain
G D C Gbecause the honest man won't make it these days
C Em D Gand that's the way things are, it's hard to explain.
GAnd oh the truth is that
Em C GI always try at the cost of everyone
GOne day you'll rest,
Em C Ghere in peace at the bottom of everything.
C Gso I won't pretend
Em DI never want to end up,
Gthis way.
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