Genya Ravan – Steve chords

G Am   G Am

[Verse 1]
G AmSteve, baby be good to me
G AmSteve, I want you to play with me
Em C Em A7 I never wrote a love song, till you came along
C D G Am G Am I'm telling you true, I did it for you, Oh this one's for you
[Verse 2]
G AmSteve, go all the way with me
G AmSteve, I want you to stay with me
Em C Em A7 The hunters and the kings I've known, they haven't touched on what you shown
C D G Am G Am It's too late to go, so baby let's flow, Ooh, let's give it a go
C Cmaj7 CmM7 I know it's crazy, cause we're eight years apart
D Dmaj7 B Oh, but you found a place, right here, right here in my heart
G Gm And if you decieve me, or just wanna leave
A D N.C. It's alright, cause you taught me how to love
[Instrumental] Am G Am G Am [Bridge]
Em C Em A7 I've always traveled on my own, I promise you won't be alone
C D G Am G Am It's not what you do, but baby, how, you do what you do
G Am G AmOh, this one's for you, you know what to do
G Am G Am G Am G AmOh Steve, let's give it a go, baby do it real slow, yes, you know I'll give it to you...
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