Ginger – The Pendine Incident chords

[Verse 1]
A D A EOne conversation I’ll always remember
A D A EWas a place where the weather had forced me to stay
A D A EA man with my accent and a face full of stories
A D A EHad caused me to look his way
A D A EA few drinks of whiskey had bought me his story
A D A EI looked in his eyes as he looked back in mine
A D A E“I’m off in the morning to the North East of England
A D A ETo leave for the final time”
[Chorus 1]
A D D DPut your faith in the one who tries
A E E EDon’t gossip and don’t tell lies
A D D DWhen in doubt buy a larger size
A E E EListen to what I’m saying.
A D D DNever trust a judgemental man
A E E EListen to those you are younger than
A D D DAnd be good just because you can
A E E EListen to what I’m saying.
[Verse 2]
A D A EWell he got my attention, of that there’s no question
A D A ESo I got the drinks in and he carried on
A D A EHe told me of an angel he fell for in Brooklyn
A D A ESeptember, 2001
A D A EAround that time -­ the tests said “condition is now in remission”
A D A EAll said, it wasn’t the greatest of years
A D A EEleven years later the words on the paper
A D A EJust made his decision clear
[Chorus 2]
A D D DMake up after every fight,
A E E EAlways kiss your girl goodnight
A D D DDon’t buy underwear too tight
A E E EListen to what I’m saying.
A D D DShower even if there ain’t no stink
A E E EStop caring what people think
A D D DAlways buy the first round of drinks
A E E EListen to what I’m saying.
D A EHe made plans that he’d go and live incognito
D A EWith a letter so she’d know he’d met someone new
D A EIf she don’t find someone and learn how to move on
A D A EThis death would take her life too.
[Verse 3]
A D A EThat night I slept restless, my heart in a screw press
A D A ETil next day at breakfast I saw him again
A D A EHe was pawning his story for bacon and coffee
A D A EAnd he smiled as he called my name
He said “I hope you listened to what I was saying!” [Chorus 3]
A D D DLearn how to shut your trap
A E E E’Til you’ve got a good answer back
A D D DAdmire in others what you lack
A E E EListen to what I’m saying
A D D DWhen in doubt do something kind
A E E EBe prepared to change your mind
A D D DAnd always leave the past behind
A E E EListen to what I’m saying
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