Giorgio Moroder – Lady Lady Lady chords

[Verse 1]
Em CFrightened by a dream, you're not the only one,
Em CRunning like the wind, thoughts can come undone.
D D7 GDancing behind masks, just subtle pantomine,
D D7 G Dm Am DBut images reveal whatever lonely hearts can hide.
D D7 G Dm E AmLady, lady, lady, lady? don't walk this lonely avenue.
Cm G Em Am Dsus4 DLady, lady, lady, lady? let me touch that part of you, you want me too?
D7 G Dm E Am Lady, lady, lady, lady? i know it's in your heart to stay.
Cm G Em Am B7Lady, lady, lady, lady? when will i ever hear you say: i love you.
[Verse 2]
Em CTime like silent stares with no apology,
Em CMove towards the stars and be my only one.
D D7 GReach into the light and feel love's gravity,
D D7 G Dm Am DThat pulls you to my side where you should always be
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