God Help The Girl – Pretty Eve In The Tub chords

A D A D - A E A

[Main melody]
A D APretty Eve in the tub
D APlease allow me to scrub
E APlease allow me to rub
A D ATell me cares of the day
D ALet me wash them away
E AAll the hideous weight
[Second melody]
D (D/G#)Dry you gently
(D/A) (D/B) (D/C#)Dress you tenderly
(D/B) DAnd ready for bed
E (E/A) (E/B) (E/C#)You're asleep still standing up
(E/D) AI like you not made up
[Main melody]
A D AYou've got a nice face
A D AIt is crumpled and creased
E AFrom the way that you sleep
A D ABut I like you the best
A D AIn one of my vests
E AThat you casually keep
[Second melody]
D (D/G#) (D/A) (D/B)Steal from me my underwear
(D/C#) (D/B) DYou wear it better than me
E (E/A) (E/B) (E/C#)Go all day, no false alarms
(E/D) You charm them all...
[Main melody]
A....the worker
D ALabour-free shirker
D AManagement lady
E AGovernment spy
[Main melody]
A D ALong legged girl from the west
D AYou came onto the scene
E ALike an energetic beam
A D ACharming ways you have learnt
A D AAll the boys have been bent
E ABy your mesmerising gaze
[Second melody]
D (D/G#)(D/A) (D/B)Waltzing into situations
(D/C#) (D/B) DVacant, getting a raise
E (E/A) (E/B) (E/C#)Writing home to tell your folks
(E/D) About the city...
D AAre nagging at you
D AWhat's a girl s'posed to do
G DWhen a city closes in
A D ANoise from the lady upstairs
D AShe's as deaf as a post
G DAs transparent as a wraith
EBoys are queuing
N.C.Trouble's brewing
F#mBut you take it all in
N.C.(But you take it all in)
BRide the wave
B7Of their affection
GLook behind the gaze
A A7And confessions of lust
A D APretty Eve in the tub
D APlease allow me to scrub
D APlease allow me to rub
D APlease allow me to scrub
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