Going Spaceward – The Christmas Party Song chords

[Verse 1]
Fmaj7Hey, Christmas tree.
Gm7That fella there, he really int’rests me.
Fmaj7 Am7 Dm7If I stand next to you and give him a smile,
Am7 Dm7he’ll want to stay for a while
Gm7 C7and maybe wander here and chat.
[Verse 2]
Fmaj7Mr. Gingerbread,
Gm7if she eats you, you’ll be in her head,
Fmaj7 Am7 Dm7and you can tell me things that she’ll want to hear.
Am7 Dm7I’ll be sweet and sincere.
Gmin7 C7 FWhat kind of girl would not like that?
A7I guess there’s nowhere to hide.
Dm7I think I’ll swallow my pride.
Gm7 CThe worst that she could ever tell me is
A7one should be by themselves
Dm7when stockings hang from the shelves.
G7I’ll keep
G7him warm
C7when it begins to snow.
[Verse 3]
FHey, nativity.
Gm7Please hear me praying that (he/she)’s into me,
F Am7 Dm7‘cause (he/she)’s a present that I’m awfully sure—
Am7 Dm7more than gold, more than myrrh—
Gm7 C FI would be grateful to receive.
[Solo] [Verse 4]
A7But she’s so out of my league.
Dm7I think I’m starting to see
Gm7 Ca Christmas party’s not a place to find
A7is a dangerous game.
Dm7What if he thinks I’m insane
G7or dumb
G7or rude
C7or all of the above?
FHey, mistletoe,
Gm7tonight I won’t be getting kissed, ya know,
F Am7 Dm7but I’ll come stand beneath your leaves for a spell
Am7 Dm7and pray that no one can tell
Gm7 C FI’ll be alone on Christmas Eve…
Gm7 C7/F# Fmaj7…or I’ll just grab my coat and leave.
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