Good Morning – Blue Tick chords

[Verse 1]

A EToothpaste for breakfast
D AAnd I'll check to see we're all alive
A EMaybe if I worry about the right things, mom
D AI'll be a better use of time
Bm E BmI've been known to shoot the messenger before
EI've been known to whine
D C#m Bm ADon't think that it was your fault, of course
Bm E ABut I still don't think that it was mine
[Verse 2]
A EI hope you're keepin busy
D AAnd you still got time for life
A EI'm on the way to destruction over here
D ABut you know what that's like, right?
Bm E Bm ESome cunt with a blue tick said that I'll understand it when I get mine
D C#m Bm AIf you believe the same thing for enough time
Bm E AIt'll start to turn real in your mind
[Instrumental] G A G A G D C#m Bm A Bm E A [Verse 3]
A EI saw your name in the paper
D AI always knew I would
A EI've been swiping left and right all day
D AAnd I still don't feel any good
Bm EOh, you were getting patient for a minute
Bm EThat was a really good try
D C#m Bm AYou say that leaving and tying are for quitters
Bm E ABut when we both leave, it's a tie
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