Graham Lindsey – Old Roger chords

Gm   F    C  x4

[Verse 1]
Gm F COld Roger he lives at the top of the hill
Gm F CHe killed his wife and children Well
Gm F COh my god he must be crazy
Gm F CYou'd better gather round now and listen Listen!
Gm F C Gm F CYodallleeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[Verse 2]
Gm F CWell, He snuck into town when the sun went down And he
Gm F CSlaughtered all the cows and chickens
Gm F CBut he didn't kill the pigs and instead he gave them all wings
Gm F CAnd sent them off to work in jobs of high positions
Gm F C x2 [Verse 3]
Gm F COld Rodger he took himself a fine young gal now
Gm F CAnd smeared her heart apart with lies
Gm F CNow she wanders all the streets just trying to feel complete
Gm F CWith a million idiots between her thighs
Gm F C Gm F CYodallleeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Gm F C Gm F Cyodaleyodalllleeee
[Verse 4]
Gm F CSometimes he lives in the country baby
Gm F CSometimes he lives in town And
Gm F CSometimes you get a notion baby
Gm F CTo jump in the river and drown
[Break] Gm [Verse 5]
Gm F COld Rodger he gave you a good reason to die now
Gm F CAnd even better one to kill for and
Gm F CThen he marches everyone off to war he's done it a million times before
Gm F CAnd it just keeps getting easier and easier
Gm F C Gm F CYodallleeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[Verse 6]
Gm F CAnd I hear he's still in his shed writing paychecks to the dead
Gm F CThe thunder rolls and all the coyotes howl
Gm F CAin't it awfully fucking clever how he's gonna live forever
Gm F C GmWith no savior except the one who cast him down
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