Oh Shit Its Marco chords with lyrics by Great Lakes Feather Company - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Great Lakes Feather Company – Oh Shit Its Marco chords

[verse 1/2]
A GOh shit, it's Marco, Yeah motherfucker what you know about me?
A GRare as fuck, dope as fuck, Won't find another motherfucker like me
A GG L F C, Get the broads, they so sexy
A GThey love how I'm a mexi, They sext me, tryna impress me
A GBut fuck that shit we workin, Labor? that's slave work
A GMy shit is your favorite flavor, Ya'll are minor, I'm major
A GSalute the captn when I'm walkin by, Salute the captn, cuz we fuckin high
A GRaise your hands to the fuckin sky, Rep the nation or fuckin die
[instrumental chorus] Em Em G D (x9)
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