Greg Allman – Queen Of Hearts chords

Cm7 F7 Bbmaj7 Ebmaj7Am7 D7#9 D7b9
Riff [Verse]
Cm7 F7Once I was glad
Bbmaj7 Ebmaj7 Always happy never sad
Am7 D7#9And every day
D7b9 Gm7Seemed like Sunday
Riff [Verse]
Cm7 F7And although things were slow
Bbmaj7 Ebmaj7Never seemed to have no dough
Am7 D7#9Oh Somehow, I
D7b9 Gm7 never once got lonely
Riff [Verse]
Cm7 F7Ya' see the fact is more or less
Bbmaj7 Ebmaj7You're gamblin' with your own happiness
Am7 D7#9And most all your would be
D7b9 Gm7Friends turn out so phoney
Riff [Chorus]
C7Oh but times they change
Eb7And rearrange
Eb7 Bb Ab/BbAnd I'll sing to the Queen of Hearts
Bb Ab/BbDon't know where to start
Bb Ab/Bb Bb Ab/BbOr how to stop mmmmm
Cm7 F7And after things have come and gone
Bbmaj7Left me feelin'
Ebmaj7That I've done so wrong
Am7 D7#9 D7b9 Oh, I wasted so much time
Gm7 Gm6 Ebmaj7 Gm7*Feelin' guilty
Cm7 F7And as I watch you sit across the room
Bbmaj7 Ebmaj7Beautiful as the flowers bloom
Am7 D7#9Leave it lay just one day
D7b9 Oh brother you're
Gm6 Ebmaj7 Gm7*gonna come back To find it gone
C7I love you queen of Hearts
Eb7Tell me not to stop
BbJust tell me where
Ab/Bb Bb Ab/BbTo start where now baby
Bb Bb Ab/BbTell me where to start…
[Instrumental] (double time)
Cm7 F7 Bbmaj7 Ebmaj7Am7 D7#9 D7b9
riff (half time) C7 Eb7 Bb Ab/Bb Bb Ab/Bb Bb Ab/Bb Bb Ab/Bb [Verse]
Cm7 F7And after all that we've been through
Bbmaj7 Ebmaj7I find that when I think of you
Am7A warm soft wind runs
D7#9 D7b9 Through and through
Gm7 Gm6And in my heart
Ebmaj7 Gm7There's only you
Cm7 F7 Bbmaj7And I will always keep on trying
Ebmaj7To gather this strange piece of mind
Am7Without it there'd be
D7#9 D7b9 Ebmaj7 Lonely me Oh I promise you babe
Gm7 Gm6 Ebmaj7 Gm7*Oh darlin' lonely you
C7I love you Queen of Hearts
Eb7Don't tell me when to stop
Bb Ab/BbTell me when to start
Bb Ab/BbI love you queen of Hearts
Bb Ab/BbTell me not to stop
Bb Ab/BbJust tell me where to start
[Instrumental] (double time)
Cm7 F7 Bbmaj7 Ebmaj7Am7 D7#9 D7b9
Riff (half time and fade) C7 Eb7 Bb Ab/Bb Bb Ab/Bb Bb Ab/Bb Bb Ab/Bb
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