Greg Trooper – Everythings A Miracle chords

|C  |Dm  |G  |C  G  |

[Verse 1]
C DmHere I am, here I am alone again
G C GAnd that's precisely how I wanted to be
C DmUp at the crack o' dawn, yeah I got so much goin' on
G C GThere's no room for anyone, anyone but me
[Verse 2]
C DmYou know I'm never late, yeah I'll make no one wait
G C GGot a job to do and I'll do it the best that I can
C DmShe was different from me, a different philosophy
G C C7Now I'm free to be the man I'm so sure I am
[Chorus 1]
Dm G CWe once walked through thunder and lightning
Dm G CAnd we once sang a simple harmony
Dm G C C2/B AmAnd I said "Babe, oh my child, those are not miracles"
Dm G C GBut she said "Everything's a miracle to me"
[Verse 3]
C DmMy car is clean, yeah it runs like a dream machine
G C GMy health is good, I watch what I eat and drink
C DmI got a point of view, yeah you know she does too
G C C7And between us two, we couldn't be more out of sync
[Chorus 2]
Dm G CWe walked through the heat of the city
Dm G CTill the sun finally set and let us be
Dm G C C2/B AmAnd I said "Babe, whoa my child, that's not a miracle"
Dm G C GBut she said "Everything's a miracle to me"
[Instrumental] |C |Dm |G |C G | |C |Dm |G |C Em A | [Verse 4]
D EmShe loved holdin' hands, she loved certain hard rock bands
A D AShe loved that mean old man who lived just across the street
D EmI had to cut her loose, 'cause I was feeling seduced
A D D7Into thinkin' this world is filled with magic and mystery
[Chorus 3]
Em A DShe once caught the eyes of a stranger
Em A DAnd they smiled as they passed in the street
Em A D D/C# BmAnd I said "Babe, oh my child, that's not a miracle"
Em A Em ABut she said "Everything's a miracle, everything's a miracle
Em A DEverything's a miracle to me"
[Outro] Em A D
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