Griffin McElroy – Ice Cream Songs chords

[Verse 1]
GDo you want ice cream?
CIt's a creamy, creamy treat
Em DIt's so creamy soft, it's so creamy sweet
GWe've got Itzakadoozies
CWe've got pushpops too
EmCome get your icecream
D GDon't go to school
[Verse 2]
GCome and get your ice cream
CEat it with your friends
Em DWhen you eat ice cream, the cream never ends
G CCome and get all the ice cream that we have in our truck
EmYou're gonna love it now,
D GYou're gonna love this truck
[Verse 3]
GDo you want some cream?
CYes it's dreamy, screamy, creamy cream
Em DIn the chocolate flavor or vanilla bean
G C EmOr pistachio is good, but not as good as brown-
[Verse 4]
GDo you want ice cream?
CAnd before you even ask
EmYes they do have brown
DAnd it takes you to task
GIt's the tastiest flavor
CAnd a color it is too
EmCome get your brown stuff
D GCome on doodle-doo
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