Choking Tara chords with lyrics by Guided By Voices - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Guided By Voices – Choking Tara chords

E  A  F# 2x

E A F# Days into weeks, she rattled my mind
E A F# We stayed out all week, and got happy this time.
E A F# She fills empty space, I kinda need it that way
E A F# A Crybaby says bye to me.
A F#m Can't imagine that all our troubles will go away
F#m G#m A But I could catch her and break the falls
F#m G#m A E I could snatch her with beaks and claws
E G A Today when every "fake it" decides to make it
F# E G#m They just can't take it away
G#m F#m Shove it cause I'll just stay
G#m Like an ugly unwanted stray
A A Don't care what you say.
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