Hagar Sammy – Give To Live tab

Em        A                   D                G
   I can see that you've got fire in your eyes
        A                D    Dsus4  D  Dsus4  D
   and pain inside your heart
Em           A                    D               Bm
   So many things have come that torn your world apart
       G                    A
   So baby, baby don't give up    [ Fill 1 ]

        N.C          D  G                A            Asus4  A
        If you want love, you've got to give a little
                     D  G                   A
        If you want faith, you've got to believe a little    [ Fill 2 ]
      D              Em                    F#m           A
        If you want peace, then turn your cheek a little
     Bm                G                   A
        You've got to give, you've got to give,
                      F#m      Bm
        you've got to give to live

Verse 2:

   An empty hand reaching out for someone
   An empty heart takes so little to fill
   It's so much easier to push instead of pull
   So baby, baby, don't give up    [ Fill 1 ]


      C                              G
        Each man's a country in his own right
      D                         A
        and ev'rybody needs a friend    [ Fill 3 ]
      C                            G
        One friend, one god, one country
                       [ Fill 1 ]       D  Dsus4  D
        no man need de-fend         no, no

Verse 3:

Em      A        D              Bm
   I believe in faith and destination
 G                  A           D         Dsus4  D  Dsus4  D
   So much of that lies on our own hands
   So if you know what you want,
   well then you can go out and get it
   So baby, baby    [ Fill 4 ]  oh baby, don't you ever give up    [ Fill 2 ]

   [ "smells good here" ]


      D              G                 A
        If you want love, if you want faith, you wanna believe
                   D                         G
        you wanna love somebody, you wanna share your love
        you wanna give your love
      D                     G                  A
        Give a little bit, give a little bit, give a little bit . . .

   Fill 1:

|------------------------------------------------ |---------2-------------2--------------2--------- |-------2---2-2-------2---2-2--------2---2-2----- |-----2-------------2--------------2------------- |--0--------------------------------------------- |----------------3--------------2-------------0-- T
Fill 2: |fast| |------------------------------------------------ |----2--3--2--0---------------------------------- |---2------------2--0---------------------------- |--2-------------------4--2--0------------------- |------------------------------------------------ |------------------------------------------------
Fill 3:
|------------------------------------------------ |------------------------------------------------ |----------------2------------------------------- |----------2--4------2--3-3---------------------- |--(2)//4---------------------------------------- |------------------------------------------------
Fill 4:
|--3--/--5--5--5--5--\--3--3--------------------- |--3--/--5--5--5--5--\--3--3--------------------- |--0-----0--0--0--0-----0--0--------------------- |--0-----0--0--0--0-----0--0--------------------- |------------------------------------------------ |------------------------------------------------
The 'G' and the 'A' chord change during the song. Play them : E A D G B e G 3 2 0 0 3 3 A X 0 3 3 3 0 until the '*'. And in the last part (marked with the '*'): E A D G B e G 3 5 5 4 3 3 A 5 7 7 6 5 5 What does ... mean? / slide up // fast slide up T play with your thumb
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