Hit The Ground Runnin chords with lyrics by Haley Reinhart - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Haley Reinhart – Hit The Ground Runnin chords

Hey guys! This is my first time putting chords up here so bare with me! There might be a 
few errors, but this sounded about right. If you have any questions, email me at 
ihartweirdbeard@gmail.com. Hope this helps! :)


Verse 1-
DmI can't be held in chains
FI ain't your slave
DmI got this wild heart
FAnd it can't be tamed
DmIf you think that I'm sweet
FSugar in your teeth
DmYou better watch your mouth boy
FCause I don't miss a beat
F GAnd you don't know
DmA thing about me x2
FI hit the ground running running running
G FI hit the ground running running running
DmYou can't hold the rebel down
FCause I'll be breaking out
G FThis spirit's gotta be free
F GI hit the ground running running running
DmSo don't go following me
Verse 2: I know your falling so deep Just like a bomb Cause you can't hide your love No, no, with camoflauge [Chorus] Bridge:
Dm F G FThings aren't always what they seem, to be
Dm FI know who your thinking,
G FBut she isn't me
Dm FIt's crazy obsession
G FHave you lost you mind
Dm FBaby don't hold your breath
Mmm, Ohhh [Chorus]
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