Halford – Light Of The World chords

Halford - Light of the World
Album: Winter Songs (2009)
Transcribed by Jon Malmin (jogusmal@hotmail.com)
Tuning: Standard E

From Rob's Christmas album. The chords are the same for each verse and chorus...

E C Light of the world, there's a place you live
E CHere in my heart, I know
E CLight of the world, all my dreams are made
E CTrue by the love you show
G D I can say with all honesty
EmThat you set me free
BFrom the day that we met
G DLight delight of a distant star
EmPut me from afar
B7I can never forget
Light of the world, I am home at last Safe from the pain I know Light of the world, as you shed upon All of my life I've grown When I think of the special day There's so much to say I don't know where begin But I guess that you understand And you had it planned When I took your light in Solo backing: Bm A Am G (x2) Light of the world, it's so easy now You stand by me, I know Light of the world, all I have to do Here, what's to say, let go... Go... (Play the E - C progression until the end) You're my light of the world Light of the world...
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