Hall And Oates – Camellia chords

I worked out most of this by watching John Oates play an acoustic version. It may not be 
precise to the studio recording, but it's darn close.

Here are the shapes John uses:


A: x02220
E: 476454
D: 557775
D6: 557777Bm: 799777 (sometimes he plays 797779)
Bm7: x24232 C#m7: x46454 F#m: 244222 ... Though, for most of those chords, the standard shapes sound fine, too. Also, the D6 can be substituted with a standard D and still sound good. (Personally, I like substituting a Dmaj7, played like this: xx0222.) Intro: A E D Bm C#m7 D
A E D BmOpening night, nothing new Atlanta
A EInto the spotlight, one more time
D BmJust in time to play
A ETo one man at an empty table
D C#m7 Bm7He was drinking down the pain
Bm7 C#m7 D6All he could say was his lady's name
A E D BmOh Camellia, won't you take me away
A E D BmOh Camellia, won't you take me away
A E D BmAfter the show, when the room was empty
No, he wouldn't go So I asked him why he called her name It seems she was some magic one night
D C#m7 Bm7With something for his pain
Bm7 C#m7 D6But all she left was her pretty name...
A E DOh Camellia, won't you take me away
Bm C#m7To paradise tropical moon
F#m Bm7 DDon't you leave me sitting here in Atlanta
Repeat chorus until the end!
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