Hall And Oates – Say It Isnt So tab

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Hall & Oates - Say It Isn't So
>From the album Rock & Soul Part I
Words and music by Daryl Hall

Transcribed by: Keith R. Moore

Intro: Amaj7/G6


Amaj9								  Cmaj7
Say it isn't so painful to tell me that you're dissatisfied.

Amaj9									Cmaj7
Last time I asked you I really got a lame excuse. I know
that you lied.

Dmaj7							Bm
Now wicked things can happen...you see 'em goin' down in

Em7							   A7sus         A9
But when you play in a quiet way that bites it even more.

Amaj9								Cmaj7
Tell me what you want yeah I'll do it baby I promise right now.

Amaj7									     Cmaj7
Who propped you up when you were stopped low motivation had you on the ground.

Dmaj7						  Bm
I know your first reaction you slide away hide away goodbye.

Em								    A7sus
But if there's a doubt maybe I can give out a thousand

	       A9				       DM
reasons why you have to say it isn't so...


		Bm	            Em7b5        A7
(it isn't so). Say it isn't so (it isn't so).

			  DM			Bm 			   Em7b5
Now say it isn't so (it isn't so). Say it isn't so (it isn't


The next verse and chorus have the same chord changes.

Lyrics as follows:

We like to be the strangers at the party, two rebels in a shell.

You like to move with the best of them you know we move so well.

Don't need someone to lean on. I know that there's an open door.

But if I'm faced with being replaced I want you even more so baby say it isn't so...


Bridge: Switches between Amaj7 and G6 for three bars.

Why you gonna go do you hafta say you wanna go ooh ooh baby say it isn't...

Chorus: D/Bm/Em7b5/A7

Vocal ad lib, repeat until fade.
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