Hall And Oates - Im Just A Kid Dont Make Me Feel Like A Man tab

"I'm Just a Kid (Don't Make Me Feel Like a Man)"
 Hall & Oates
 From the album "Abandoned Luncheonette" (1973)


 I'm not sure how to name these 2 chords..first one is some sort of Am,
 and the second is like Dadd9/A.

 But anyway, the shapes are very easy:
 Am? - x02030
 Dadd9/A - x00230

 In the intro and first verse, it's picked like this:

E----------0---------------0----------------------|B--------3---3-----------3---3--------------------|G------0-------0-------2-------2------------------|D----2-----------2---0-----------0----------------|A--0---------------0------------------------------|E-------------------------------------------------| Am? Dadd9/A
"Little girl.." Then, before the chorus, these chords are picked:
E-----------------------------------3----------------|B--------0------------3-----------1------------------|G------0------------2-----------0--------------------|D----2------------4-----------2----------------------|A--3------------2-----------0------------------------|E----------------------------------------------------| Cmaj7 Bm7 Am7
"Won't you talk.." Chorus: C Bm7 Will you survive.. Am7 D I know you can't.. Verse: (Same chords as before, but I think they're strummed this time, not picked) Chorus: (Same) Bridge: (Comes in at 2:35 in the recording) Db/Eb Cm7 Bbm7 (x66666) (8A8888) (686666) (A = 10) "Damn you.." D/E C#m7 Bm7 (x77777) (9B9999) (797777) (B = 11) "Damn you.." Final Chorus: (Now a full step higher in terms of key) D C#m7 Will you survive.. Bm7 E I know you can't.. etc.. dontpoll@aol.com
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