Halos - My Favorite Things tab


so i found certain parts of the song, just the major parts
theres like 3 guitars in this song

guitar 1 basically plays this the whole time, it switches up a bit though

guitar 2 comes in with the keyboard i think cant really figure this part oute|-3~3/5~5/7~5-3~3/5-(3-1-0-1---------------| or 1h3p1p0h1 or something like that)B|-0~----------0~---------------------------|G|-0~----------0~---------------------------|D|-2~----------2~---------------------------|A|-3~----------3~---------------------------|E|------------------------------------------|
the riff above is played a few times and comes in every now and then i cant figure out the other random stuff this guitar plays either and theres another part in between the parts where the verse above is played
and one more verse strumming (listen to song for pattern)
i dont even know the order of these verses i just figured them out and tabbed them so you guys help me figure out the rest :D
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