Hamburger Steaks Holiday Inn tab with lyrics by Hank Williams Jr - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Hank Williams Jr – Hamburger Steaks Holiday Inn tab


           A             D
Hamburger Steaks, Holiday Inn
                     E               A
That's the kind of world that I live in
                   A               D
Play a different town most every night
              E                  D              A
Lovin' your woman, write a new song, that's my life


That's my life and I love it
            D                                      A
That's my life, there ain't nothin' in the world above
        A                               D
I see people all alone, pickin' their guitars and
singin' their songs
                A                        E
But I tell em forget it…cause you can't fake it if
               D                    A
 you're gonna make it…you've gotta live it
             A                   D
I got a big bus with a TV and a bar

              E                                   A
And a little room in the back for me and my ol' guitar
                A                           D
Gotta stop and fuel up every five hundred miles
                         E                     D
Sign a picture for the waitress, eat a late breakfast,
country style


                  A                    D
We get home to Nashville on a Monday night
Record songs on Tuesday and then Wednesday take out
the wife
               A                               D
But then on Thursday night, it's back on the road
                        E                   D
I don't care if it's Montana or down in Louisiana just
as long as I go

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