Between Heaven And Hell chords with lyrics by Hank Williams Jr - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Hank Williams Jr – Between Heaven And Hell chords

Capo 3 (Key of F)

G DWell I’ve seen the devil. I’ve seen the light
D AAnd I know the difference between wrong and right
G D GBut there still are times when it’s hard to tell
D A DIf I’m going the wrong way, to heaven or hell
GCause I’ve been a sinner and I’ve been a saint
DThere’s a few things I ain’t done and a few things I can’t
D GI was this close to heaven when I slipped and fell
D A G D Between a rock and a hard place, between Heaven and Hell
Cause I have been lost and I have been found I’ve been a square and I’ve been around I’m down on my knees at the heartbreak hotel Begging for direction between heaven and hell Chorus: Lord I’m down on my knees at some old hotel Asking for direction to heaven or hell
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