Hank Williams – Old Habits tab

 Title - Old Habits
 Artist - Hank Williams Jr.
 Tabbed by - Nathaniel Dodson

 Tuning: Standard

Cords Used: D G A e|-3-|-3-|-5-| B|-2-|-3-|-2-| G|-3-|-0-|-2-| D|-0-|-0-|-2-| A|-0-|-2-|-0-| E|---|-3-|---|
Intro e|---------9------------9-----------7------------7------| B|---------10-----------10----------8------------8------| G|----9----9------9--9--9------7----7------7--7--7------| D|----0-----------0--0---------0-----------0--0---------| A|------------------------------------------------------| E|------------------------------------------------------|
D G Well I kicked the habit, of smoking back sometime ago. A D And I tried the hard stuff,but I had to let all that go. G But the toughest thing I ever gave up was today. A D Cause Old Habits Like You are hard to break. D G I use lifesavers to help me get off cigarettes. A D But you know for your love I aint found no lifesavers yet. G And I've grown cold Turkey cause there's not even one kiss a day. A D And Old habits like you are hard to break. G D Old habits like you are hard to break. A D Love with someone new is so hard to make. G D I had grown so use to your love and all of your ways. A D And Old Habits Like You are hard to break
Outro e|---------9------------9-----------7------------7----------3---| B|---------10-----------10----------8------------8----------2---| G|----9----9------9--9--9------7----7------7--7--7----------3---| D|----0-----------0--0---------0-----------0--0-----------0-----| A|------------------------------------------------------0-------| E|--------------------------------------------------------------|
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