127 Rose Avenue chords with lyrics by Hank Williams - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Hank Williams – 127 Rose Avenue chords

          127 Rose Avenue - Hank Williams

AbmSomewhere in the middle of the Deep South
Eb7Magnolias sway in the breeze
AbmTo the lonesome sound of a redbone hound
Eb7Howlin' at the moon in the trees
Abm DbmThere's a sad boy with his guitar
AbmCuttin' his teeth on the blues
Abm Wishin' on a fallin' star
Eb7 Abmat 127 Rose Avenue
AbmDistant moan of a midnight train comes
Eb7Blowin' through the night
AbmHe dips his pen in tears and pain
Eb7And he begins to write
Abm'bout a whippoorwill too blue to fly
Dbm Abmand the Indian he once knew
abm'bout lost highways and purple skies
Eb7 Abmat 127 Rose Avenue
Dbm Eb7Caretaker said as he shook his head
Dbm Eb7Son, do you believe in ghosts
Dbm For a five dollar bill you can feel the chill
Eb7He felt long ago
AbmSo I bought me a ticket at the front door
Eb7Guess who was there inside
AbmI felt his presence through the whole tour
Eb7God I swear, he was alive
AbmI saw the train, I felt the pain
Eb7I heard him moanin' the blues
Abm29 years of memories
Dbm Eb7at 127 Rose Avenue
AbmAnother sad-eyed boy with his guitar
Eb7Cuttin' his teeth on the blues
AbmHere I am wishin' on a fallin' star
Eb7 AbmAt 127 Rose Avenue
INSTRUMENTAL BREAK It ain't in Nashville It's not in Montgomery 127 Rose Avenue
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