Hannah Montana – If We Were A Movie chords

"If We Were A Movie"

D EmUh oh
G AThere you go again talking cinematic
D EmYeah you!
G AYou're charming, got everybody star struck.
D EmI know
G AHow you always seem to go
EmFor the obvious instead of me
GBut get a ticket and you'll see
D EmIf we were a movie
G AYou'd be the right guy
D EmAnd I'd be the best friend
G A You'd fall in love with
D EmIn the end we'd be laughing
G AWatching the sunset
DFade to black
EmShow the names
G APlay that happy song
(The same chords) Yeah, yeah When you call me I can hear it in your voice Oh sure! Wanna see me And tell me all about her La la I'll be acting through my tears I guess you'll never know That I should win An Oscar for this scene I'm in [Chorus]
Em GWish I could tell you there's a twist
DSome kind of hero in disguise
DAnd we're together
AIt's for real
ANow playing
Em GWish I could tell you there's a kiss
DLike something more than in my mind
DI see it
ACould be amazing
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