Hanson – Believe tab

This is totally correct and you can play it along with the CD.  MY guitar teacher figured
out this song, not me, but I thought I would share it with others, because it is such an
awesome song.

READ: for the intro, you strum the D chord once and then play the fill and so on.  It's
transcribed from the piano.

Fill 1: e|--------| Fill 2:e|--------| B|----3-2-| B|-2-3-5--| G|2-4-----| G|--------| D|--------| D|--------| A|--------| A|--------| E|--------| E|--------|
Intro: D Fill 1 x2 A Fill 2 x2 D D Verse 1: I was holding on now I'm letting go D This is nothing more than a picture show G G Everything I knew, now I hardly know Gm Busy getting less never getting more Bm7 One more nickle dime, I'm out the door A Well, this kind of life I can't afford D D Chorus: Oh I love to believe, that it's not only me D A That's longing only just to believe D Oh I love to believe , that it's not only me A A I'd live only just to believe, so believe G Gm Cause I want to believe, oh I want to believe D Ohh oh Verse 2 (same as verse 1): D Can't ease my mind with these words I say D Tryin' to get myself to get out of the way G Birds in the trees, just make me depressed Gm Seeing sunny skies, feeling emptiness Bm7 Layers of lies just seem to fold A Well this kind of like is all I know Chorus: Bridge: Em A Murder wears a friendly smile D/F# Bm Like the perfect end in a plastic vail G Oh no pain Em A Sorry that I can't stay D/F# Bm But this bird was meant to fly away G Oh fly away, oh oh Solo: to play the background music while Isaac is soloing, strum the 1st verse chords. Chorus: Outro: D Well I want to believe D A I can believe, I will believe in something D I want to believe D A I can believe, I will believe in something
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