Hanson – Broken Angel tab


(I. Hanson, T. Hanson, Z. Hanson)
C// CM7// Am//// Dm// Dm7// G////
C                       Am
So small, yet still so proud
   Dm                                     G
At night before he dreams he looks into the clouds
A high flyer's what I want to be
F                                         G
Seems they won't let me, says I'm too small
I don't feel small at all

C                             Am
Break my dreams, that's what they'll do
Dm                                            G
Well I'm going to run away and learn to fly like you
Am                F             G       Em
I'm going to go so high and swoop so low
                  F                          G
You can't bring me down, going to be so proud

C                       Am
Little angel you got to learn to fly
Bb                         F
Get up and earn your wings tonight
C                       AM
Little angel just look in my eyes
Bb                    F
Get up and earn your wings tonight

(verse2 Same as 1st verse chords)
Push and shove then climb aboard
This is the shuttle train to the top of the world
When you look around what do you see
These are all high flyers
But none of these high flyers look like me

(play intro chord progression)

What is that supposed to mean
What am I supposed to be

(verse3 same chords as verse1 again but best played lightly and pickin strings)

I pull my way up through this crowd
To find your body crushed on the ground
It's so obvious, why couldn't you see
That you can't go high flying without a pair of high-flyer wings

(Verse 4 Play with feelin cmon its last verse hehe)
Little one's broken lying on the ground
Trying to get up 'till his last breath out
Wings are strune everywhere, there's blood all around
'Cause even angel's die, but that light just fades
It's so sad, but he'd be so proud

Broken angel you've got to learn to fly
Get up and earn your wings tonight
Broken angel just look in my eyes
Get up and earn you wings tonight
Get up and earn your wings, earn your wings tonight.

Well that took me about 40 mins to transcribe i think its great i love this song its beautiful :)
p.s there's a little filler thing that goes on in the end of the chorus to verse etc here it is tabbed

i also suggest for the Em chord to use this as a voicing e:3 b:5 g:4 d:5 a:x e:0 Transcribed by STEVEN MALCOLMSON 24th March 2004 Broken Angel Hanson From Underneath Album
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