Hanson – Penny And Me tab

Penny and me By Hanson
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Bb – F - Ebsus

1st verse

Cigars in the summertime
Under the sky by the light
I can feel you read my mind
I can see it in your eyes
              F                 	      Ebsus
Under the moon as it plays like music every line
Bb                                               F
There's a rug with the bleeding dye under the fan in the room
With our passions burning high
Bb                                           Ebsus
By the chair with a leopard skin under the light
            F (mute)
It's always Penny and me tonight

Bb – F - Ebsus	
	   Said Oh Oh

>2nD Verse< Bb – F - Ebsus                                     
Hop on the plane, step with both my feet
Riding in seat number three on a flight to NYC 
Got my bean in a coffee cup next to my seat                    	
Catch the view with another good book to read
Sending home on the friendly skies
                              F (mute)
Missing her eyes It's always Penny and me tonight 

Bb                         F        Ebsus		
Cos Penny and me like to roll the windows down
Bb                            Ebsus2x       F
Turn the radio up; push the pedal to the ground
Bb                         F       Ebsus		
And Penny and me like to gaze at starry skies
Csus          			Ebsus
Close our eyes, pretend to fly
            F (mute)
It's always Penny and me tonight 

Bb – F - Ebsus		
Said Oh Oh			
Um No No

Bb – F - Ebsus                                     
Staring at a million city lights	   
But still Penny and I are alone beneath the sky
Feel the wind brushing slowly by	 
If I could soar I would try to take these wings and fly
Away to where the leaves turn red
But no matter where I am instead
Csus                         Ebsus			
Singing along to "Feeling Alright" Yeah		
Csus                         Ebsus
Or making it by in the pink moonlight
	    F (mute)		   
It's always Penny and me tonight 

Repeat Chorus!

Gm				F
Well Penny likes to get away
Gm				F
And drown her pain in lemonade
Gm			F
Penny dreams of rainy days
Gm				F
And nights up late by the fireplace
Csus			Ebsus              F (mute)
And aimless conversations about the better days 

Repeat chorus!
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