Happy Mondays – Step On tab

Artist: Happy Mondays
Song: step on
Tabbed by: indie nation
Tunning: standard

Intro: keyboards

Main Riff

E --------------------------|B -------3------------------|G --2-0--2------------------|D 0-------------------------|A ----------2-3-5-----------|E --------------------------|
Funk Riff (over verse)( wah effect but im not 100%)E -------------------------------|B -13-12--10-10-10---------------|G -13-12--10-10-10-12-10---------|D -----------------------12-10---|A -------------------------------|E -------------------------------|
Chorus (all chords) G///|G///|G///|G///| A///|A///|A///|A///| C///|C-B-Bb|(strike last three chords only once) - = half beat / = whole beat |G///| = G chord struck four times Form: intro riff x 8 - gtr bend Gtr riff x 4 | Verse x 8 | - with funk riff on verse Gtr riff x 4 | Chorus | Breakdown Backing Vocals Keyboard solo/riff X 8 Verse x 8 Gtr riff x 4 Chorus x 4 Groove to fade i'll add the lyrics aswell you never know it might even help
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