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Crystal Blue Persuasion
Tommy James and the Shondells
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      Intro:  Amaj9            Bm7      (2x) 
    (then)    Amaj9            Bm7         D      A

	                  Amaj9  Bm7                            Amaj9  Bm7
	Look over yonder                    what do you sehee
	The sun is a-risin'                 most definitely
	A new day is comin'   (Oohoo)       people are changin'
	Ain't it beautiful    (Oohoo)       crystal blue persuasion

     Amaj9        Bm7      D       A     (hesitation on the A  - 8 count)

                          Amaj9  Bm7                             Amaj9  Bm7
	Better get ready                 gonna seehe the light
	Well, love is the answer  (Oohoo)  and that's all right
	So don't you give up now  (Oohoo)  its so easy to find
	Just [look to your soul]  [Repeat]  and open your mind

        Amaj9    Bm7    D    A    (lead)    D    D   A  
                                            A    D   Bm7  
                                            (hold chord then drop out)

	(No chords ----- Bass only ----- (pattern similar to verses)

	Crystal blue persuasion, mm-hmm, It's a new vibration
	Crystal blue persuasion, crystal...

	D  A
		Blue persuasion	(key modulates to Bb)  		
				(Bass plays above riff - 2x)

                        Dm7  Cm7                          Dm7   Cm7
	Maybe tomorrow                 when He looks down
	On every green field (Oohoo)   in every town
	All of his children            in every nation

                        Bb                Bb  Eb            Eb  Cm7   (Stop)
	And there'll be     peace and good       brotherhood
	                        Dm7  Cm7         Dm7  Cm7
	Crystal blue persuasion           Yeah

	Dm7           Cm7
	Crystal blue persuasion, ah-ha		
  ------Crystal blue persuasion, ah-ha		(repeat to fade)

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