Harlan Pepper - Great Lakes chords

Great Lakes                                                         
Harlan Pepper

Chords: G/F# 2x0003

Repeating pattern: G  G  G  G/F#  Em  Em  C   D   x2 intro and between verses

G G/F#I was walkin' down a steep street hill
Em C DMy mouth began to let words spill
G G/F#People gathered, off and on
Em Em C DI didn't like that, I went to Lake Huron
Saw a train and hopped underneath Made it there by the skin of my teeth I heard a poem say weak and weary Didn't like that, I went to Lake Erie Got there and I spoke my thoughts No one liked the words I brought Man came up, he said I'm inferior I didn't like that, I went to Lake Superior Got there and it was freezin' cold I spoke, folks gathered, young and old Ate some trout, I wanted to fish again So I headed out towards Lake Michigan Tried to enter the big U.S. They didn't let me in, I guess Told me that I had to go I headed home, to Lake Ontario I made it there a little bit dead Folks liked the words I said Woman asked if I like cake
Em NCI said "No Ma'am just love Great Lakes"
Oh yeah Love 'em so much Swim in 'em, all day Snorkelin' and, runnin' around
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