Harlem Shakes – Sunlight chords

This is a great song by a great band, I couldn't ever find any chords or tabs so i 
to figure this one out for myself, I hope its right
I know I'm missing the bridge but I couldn't quite figure it out
so if you can, just comment on this
Listen to the song for the strumming patterns they're pretty easy

F C I had a coat of many colors
F C Sold it off online
F Am And now I duck my older brothers
F C 'Neath a long leaf pine
F C Well I did what I thought I was supposed to do
F C All I sang so close to true
F Am Now they wanna know what really means the most to you
F C Means the most to you
GBa ba ba
F CSunlight, sunlight baby
Em AmWe just let go of the night now slowly
F CWe won't dance, we won't sing, we won't talk
Em AmWe just gonna watch how it bends
That's the pretty much the whole song, besides the bridge that is, I couldn't figure out sorry GOOD LUCK
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