Harold Arlen – Flying Monkey Song tab

Flying Monkey Song from "The Wizard of Oz"

Composed by Harold Arlen

Short and sweet, this is the tune the flying monkeys chant as the "heroes" prepare to 
storm the wicked witch's castle.  The piece doesn't have an official title in the 
score or soundtrack.

The melody is basically just two notes, A & E (tonic and dominant in A minor) repeated 
ad nauseum.  On the "Yo" the vocal slides up a whole step, from D to E.  Enjoy!

The melody:

Am E7 Am Am E7 Ame|----------------------------------------------------------------------|B|----------------------------------------------------------------------|G|----------------------------------------------------------------------|D|----------------------------------------------------------------------|A|--------5---------5 / 7--------------------5-----------5 / 7----------|E|----5-------5---------------5----------5---------5---------------5----|
Oh- Ee- Oh, Yo - Oh! Oh - Ee - Oh, Yo - Oh! The chords:
Am E7 Am Am E7 Ame|----5-------------7-------5--------5--------------7-------5------|B|----5-------------9-------5--------5--------------9-------5------|G|----5-------------7-------5--------5--------------7-------5------|D|----7-------------9-------7--------7--------------9-------7------|A|----7-------------7-------7--------7--------------7-------7------|E|----5---------------------5--------5----------------------5------|
Oh- Ee- Oh, Yo - Oh! Oh - Ee - Oh, Yo - Oh!
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