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Date: Tue, 19 Dec 1995 23:08:44 -0500

(Polly Jean Harvey)
from the album To Bring You My Love

Intro:----------------------------------------------- X3-----------------3---0----- ---0----------------3---0---0--------------0----0----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Play throughout song:(A) -------------------------------------------------------------- ---0----0----3----0-------0-------0--0--0----3---0---0--- ---0----0----3----0-------0-------0--0--0----3---0---0--- -------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------
> > > > (B) --(0)--(0)--(0)--(0)------------------------------------ ---3----3----3----3--------0----0---3---0----0----0-- ---3----3----3----3--------0----0---3---0----0----0-- ---------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------
--(0)--(0)--(0)--(0)---- ---3----3----3----3----- ---3----3----3----3----- -------------------------- -------------------------- --------------------------
(C) ------------------------------- --0--0--0---3---0---0---0--- --0--0--0---3---0---0---0--- -------------------------------- -------------------------------- --------------------------------
(A) You think you'll come over I'll give you my number (A) You lover, supporter Then give me a mother (A) You come take me home and Take me to your doctor (A) You think you'll come over? (A) I think I'm a mother (B), (A) (A) Roll over, roll over And roll me a man-a (A) You lover, my lover You just roll me over (A) You give me a mother A man if I love her (A) I love her, I'll keep her I better just keep her (B), (C), (B), (A) (A) Come and support her I said to the mother (A) She said you come over She said she'd support her (A) I love her, I kept her And then just left and (A) Alone I emplore ya (A) I think I'm a mother (A) (A) (A) --- Matt (iaovertigo@aol.com) Lyrics courtesy of Fyreflea from the PJ Digest
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