Hatfield Juliana - I Got No Idols tab

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                        I Got No Idols
                                               Juliana Hatfield

   Everything is tuned down a whole step

   Intro and Chorus

play after intro and during verses
E--------0---------------------5---------------------------| B----------0---------------------5-------------------------| G--1-------------------------------------------------------| D--2--2------------------------------5---7---7--7---5---8--| A--2--2------5-5-5-4-2----2/5--------5---7---7--7---5---8--| E--0--0------------------------------3---5---5--5---3---6--|
thats about all...This is the first time i've typed this out something out so it might not be exact. But its really easy to get it right if you just play along with the CD. Ricky Cancro
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