Hatfield Juliana – My Sister tab

 1) There's a capo on the 2nd fret. This is important. Just
     TRY to play the Asus2/F# chord or the bits between
     verses without. I dare you. Also, and this is handy to
     know, get a strong capo. Not these elastic band pieces
     of shit that you get for five bucks. Spend some money.
     I got a $19 Kyser just to play this song. If your capo
     isn't good, when you bend the strings between verses,
     you'll go WAY out of tune.
 2) You can do this with one or two guitars. If you do it
     with one, you'll need a foot pedal or something to
     switch between clean and distorted. Not to hard, but
     you need the hardware for it. Two guitars, just have
     one clean, one distorted. The only time the distortion
     kicks in is during the E-D section between verses and
     in the ride-out. For the intro and verses, make it
     clean. Listen to the recording to get the idea.
 3) No verse rhythm written here. Just arpeggiate and you'll
     be fine. BTW, in the first two lines of the last verse,
     just play the chord once on the first beat of each
     line. Listen to the recording to get the idea.
 4) As usual, chord names are shapes, not concert pitch.
 5) There's an extra chord in the "before they had a record
     out" part, but I can't figure it out. It adds a touch
     of drama, but it's not vital. If you know it, give me a
 6) I have no idea what she says after, "before they went
     gold" part. I just made up something that sounds about
 7) Except for the single notes, the intro section is an
     approximation. I don't know what they're doing, but
     this could conceivably get you by.
 8) To bend the D chord, just push all the fretted strings
     toward the low E string. You're not going for total
     accuracy here, so don't worry if you overshoot. BTW,
     this is why you need the good capo. You'll be
     painfully out of tune if you try this will a cheap
 9) Juliana does some amazing vocal bits in the third verse.
     not a guitar-related note, but just one that I thought
     I'd mention.

"My Sister" (Juliana Hatfield)
Performed by the Juliana Hatfield Three
>From the recording _Become_What_You_Are_
Transcribed by Marc Hirsh without permission and all the
 lawyers in the world couldn't stop me.

s - sixteenth note
e - eighth note
q - quarter note
h - half note
w - whole note
. - play note for one and a half times the value before it (just like a dot in
     standard notation)
^ - ties two note lengths together
/ - slide up
\ - slide down
h - hammer-on
p - pull-off

Capo up 2 frets!

E---------|------|-------|---------|B---------|------|-------|---------|G---------|------|---0---|---0-----| (play for times,D-2-5---2-|-0----|-4-----|-4-------| sing "My sister..."A-2-5---2-|-0--2-|-----2-|---------| under 3rd and fourthE---------|------|-------|-----(0)-| times) q q Q q h. q q h q q h (q)
E---------|------|-------|-------|B---------|------|-------|-------|G---------|------|---2---|---2---|D-2-5---2-|-0----|-4-----|-4-----|A-2-5---2-|-0--2-|-----2-|-------|E---------|------|-------|-------| q q Q q h. q q h q q h.My sister...
E Esus4 E Esus4 E Asus2/F# I hate my sister C A She's such a bitch E Asus2/F# She acts as though she doesn't even C A Know that I exist E Asus2/F# But I would do anything C A To let her know I care E Asus2/F# C But I am only talking to myself A 'Cause she isn't
E---------|------|-------|----------|B---------|------|-------|----------|G---------|------|---0---|---0------|D-2-5---2-|-0----|-4-----|-4--------|A-2-5---2-|-0--2-|-----2-|----------|E---------|------|-------|-----(0)--| q q Q q h. q q h q q h (q)There
E---------|------|-------|-------|B---------|------|-------|-------|G---------|------|---0---|---0---|D-2-5---2-|-0----|-4-----|-4-----|A-2-5---2-|-0--2-|-----2-|-------|E---------|------|-------|-------| q q Q q h. q q h q q h.My sister...
E Asus2/F# I love my sister C A She's the best E Asus2/F# She's cooler than any other girl C A That I have ever met E Asus2/F# She had the greatest man C A She had the greatest guy E Asus2/F# She's good at everything C A And doesn't even try
(distorted) E DE-----0-----|---------|B-----0-----|-2-2-----|G-1-2-1-----|-3-3-----| (play 8 times)D-2-2-2-----|-0-0-----|A-2-2-------|---------|E-0-----(0)-|-----(0)-| q q q (q) h q (q)
E Asus2/F# She's got a wall around her C A Nobody can climb E Asus2/F# She lets a ladder down C A For those who really shine E Asus2/F# I tried to scale it C A But to me she's blind E Asus2/F# So I lit a firecracker C A Went off in my eye
(distorted) E DE-----0-----|---------|B-----0-----|-2-2-----|G-1-2-1-----|-3-3-----| (play twice, thenD-2-2-2-----|-0-0-----| play six more timesA-2-2-------|---------| bending the hell outE-0-----(0)-|-----(0)-| of the D chord) q q q (q) h q (q)
E Asus2/F# I miss my sister C A Why'd she go? E Asus2/F# She's the one who would have taken me C A To my first all-ages show E Asus2/F# It was the Violent Femmes C A And the Del Fuegos E (C#m?) Asus2/F# Before they had a record out C A Before they went gold, it start to go
(distorted) E DE-----0-----|---------|B-----0-----|-2-2-----|G-1-2-1-----|-3-3-----| (play 4 times)D-2-2-2-----|-0-0-----|A-2-2-------|---------|E-0-----(0)-|-----(0)-| q q q (q) h q (q)
E F# G Asus2 I miss my sister E F# G Asus2 I miss my sister E F# G Asus2 I miss my sister E F# G Asus2 I really miss her
Chords used: E Asus2/F# C A G#m F# G Asus2E-0-|----0-----|-0-|-0-|--3--|--2--|-3-|---0---|B-0-|----0-----|-1-|-2-|--3--|--2--|-3-|---0---|G-1-|----2-----|-0-|-2-|--3--|--3--|-0-|---2---|D-2-|----2-----|-2-|-2-|--5--|--4--|-0-|---2---|A-2-|----0-----|-3-|-0-|--5--|--4--|-2-|---0---|E-0-|----2-----|---|---|--3--|--2--|-3-|-------|--Marc Hirsh
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