Hayden – We Dont Mind tab

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we don't mind -- hayden

Tune down a whole step.

Dm9 A# C F Fsus2D|--0----0----2----3----3-|A|--3----1----3----3----3-|F|--0----0----2----0----0-|C|--4----2----0----0----0-|G|--5----3----0----2----0-|D|--x----3----x----3----2-|
Intro: Dm9 A# x2 A# C F Fsus2 A# It was a tuesday morn in november I slept at your house the night before We couldn't wait to get up to go for The big breakfast in an old fashioned diner A full meal six coffee refills later We both have to be at work in an hour Let's call in sick I suggest to her I'll call your boss and tell her that you're under The weather you'll call mine you will tell her That I'm very sick and that you're my mother Dm9 A# so we walked down the street lookin' for a phonebooth we rehearse what we're going to say so that we can have this day away A# C F Fsus2 A# We find a phonebooth with room for two I call your boss and I don't speak the truth They're pretty mad about you but they'll get through You call my work in my mother's voice they believe you Dm9 A# and it starts to rain outside in our phonebooth we hide it doesn't let up until five squished together we don't mind we don't mind There are some really obvious hammerons/pulloffs throughout, listen to the album to find out where they fit. corrections welcome.
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