Hayley Westenra – Never Saw Blue chords

"Never Saw Blue”
Written by Tom Kimmel, Jeff Franzel, and Mark Luna


F9 003210   G+F 323003  G+D 320033  

Intro:  C    F9   C   G7

C G/B Am7 C/GToday we took a walk up the street
F G7We picked a flower, climbed the hill above the lake
C G/B Am7and secret thoughts were said aloud
C/G FWe watched the faces in the cloudS
G7 G7/BUntil the clouds had blown away
Am G7Were we ever somewhere else?
F G+F GYou know, it's hard to say
C F CI never saw blue like that before
G7 CAcross the sky, around the world
F CYou're giving me all you have and more
F F/E G+BNo one else has ever shown me how
C C/B Am7To see the world the way I see it now
F G7 C (Am) F9 G7 Oh I... I never saw blue like that... (before)
C G/B Am7 I can't believe a month ago
C/G FI was alone, I didn't know you
F G+D GI’d never seen you, or heard your name
C G/B Am7 And even now, I'm so amazed
C/G FIt's like a dream, it's like a rainbow
G+D GIt's like the rain
Am G7And some things are the way they are
F G+F GAnd words just can't explain
F C G/B CAnd it feels like now and it feels always
F [C G7]And it feels like coming home
F G7 C+DOh I... I never saw blue like that..
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