He Is We - Fall chords

Good Tune..  Please listen for correct strumming/ chord transitions :)


BmWhere do I begin? I'm Ready now.
G DGlad I was fit in. Running round my head.
BmWhat did I do wrong? Tell me it's my fault.
G DYou didn't lead me on, well that's good to know.
BmGet your lips off me, I'm not okay with this.
G DSo long now I was betrayed with a kiss.
BmIm done. Im done.
G DIm done. You won this time.
Bm DSlip my pride to the side, Tear me open look inside
AJust to see how many times you've really made these eyes cry
D GOh~~~Oh~~~~
BmI let you in and gave you pieces
A I'm quick to stumble pain increases.
D GOh There's a hole
Bm That lingers deep inside my body,
AI fall too fast no one can stop me now
Verse Chorus Bridge
DWhy do we always have to go?
Bm AI'm making a scene lets start the show
DEvery part of me that's been torn down
Bm AI'm sick of being hush hush I'm going to make a sound.
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