Heart – Secret tab

this is one of my favorite....
i hope it will help everyone coz i translate it from the keyboard


e---0-0-1--3-3-----3--0------0-----1--0-1-3-3--------3--0--------Ib---1----------3-3------1--3----3----------------3-3-------1--1--Ig-------------------------------------------------------------2--I strum thed----------------------------------------------------------------I chords ofa---3-3-3--3-3--------0-0--0-3-----3--3--3-3-3----------0--0-----I F...E--------------3-3-----------1--3----------------3-3----------1--I C G Am F G C G Am F
verse: G-Am-F refrain: C-G-Am-F chords:the sames chords as refrain i hope ur like it... for comments and suggestion add me at friendster mRain4ever_more@hotmail.com or email me
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