Heart – Under The Sky tab


          C                   D    C                               D/E  Em
What  a  day  you  had  today.          It  took  your  smile  away

    C                              D     C               G    Gsus2    G
I  think  we  ought  to  get  away,     let's  run  away.

C                             D    C          Em                              D
Take  me  out  under  the  sky,    counting  diamonds  all  through  the  night.

Em          C                           D          C              G  Gsus2  G
And  the  moon  in  the  morning  light,    out  under  the  sky.

                C               D  C  Em                     D/E    Em
And  it  can  happen  any  day,      everything  goes  astray

           C                 D            C     G
But  the  stars  do  us  ok,      let's  run  away.


Gsus2             G                            D   C
Hey              hey         yeah              yeah

Gsus2             G                            D   C
Hey              hey         yeah              yeah

Gsus2             G                            D   C
Hey              hey         yeah              yeah

G                            Em                 G                Em
It's  alright,   let   it  go.   Shake   the  world  off  your  shoulders.

     Am7                         D7
You  have  the perfect  alibi,  just  because  the  world  is  wide

out  under  the  sky...

Hey   Hey.....

When all is said and done darling we are the only ones, there's only you and 
I out under the sky.  Under the sky  mmmm  out under the sky.

D/E:  xx2232
D7:  xx0212  or  x57575
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