Heartless Bastards – Piano Song chords

Even though this is obviously a piano song, it still sounds pretty good on acoustic 
 Listen for some doodles on the F chord (especially in the intro).  Also the chorus is 
differently then the verses even though the chords I think are the same.  Listen 
to song for the differences.

C F CYou, you can not take, anything away from me.
C F CMy spirit won't break cause there's nothing left, you see?
C F CYou wanna take your poison arrow and pierce it through my heart.
C F CBut my sad song's for the sparrow. I was dead right from the start.
C I was dead right from the start.
C---->F x2 CHORUS
C F CI got strength in my mind. I got strength in my soul.
C F CAnd I will never fit, fit into a mold.
C F CCause, oh, I know me better than you will ever know.
C F CSo why don't you just leave me, please leave me alone.
C----->F x2
C F CTime, time, time it takes its toll but at least I still got my soul.
CAnd there's nothing you can do to change that, cause that's just the way it is.
C F CThis well's run dry, 'cause I bleed right from the start.
C F C 'cause I bleed right from the start.
CHORUS Pretty simple. On the verses you could also do 010233 for C. Let me know if you have good suggestions.
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