Heat - Black Night tab

Tabbed for standard tuning !
Tabbed by Jeppe
Songwriter: Dave Dalone, Jona Tee, Kenny Leckremo
BPM: 125

IntroRiff 1e|---------------------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------------------------|G|---------------------------------------------------------------------| D|-----9-9------9-9----------------------------------------------------|A|-----7-7------7-7---x 3----7-5--5-5----------------------------------|E|-000------000--------------5-3--3-2----------------------------------|
Riff 2e|---------------------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------------------------|G|---------------------------------------------------------------------| D|-----9-9------9-9----9-5--9-7----------------------------------------|A|-----7-7------7-7----7-3--7-5----7-5--5-5----------------------------|E|-000------000----000-------------5-3--3-2----------------------------|
Riff 3e|---------------------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------------------------|G|---------------------------------------------------------------------| D|-----9-9------9-9----9-5--9-7----------------------------------------|A|-----7-7------7-7----7-3--7-5-----2-3-5------------------------------|E|-000------000----000------------5------------------------------------|
Verse 1 G It was a cold winters night F The silver moon jump on the rise G I could have sworn that I saw her G/Eb F Standing at the edge of my sight Bb Holy water bless my soul G# I broke the seal from long ago Bb Chased by her shadows in the still of the night G# I went blind and lost my sight Chorus 1 Play Riff 2 & Riff 3 during Chorus Black night Running in the black Black night No sign of no light Verse 2 G In a stream of illusions F I saw all the spirits arise G Heard the echoes of laughter G/Eb F And a voice calling me cold as ice Bb Like the wind that speaks of old G# Her story was left to long untold Bb Haunted by shadows in the still of the night G# No one there no one in sight Chorus 2 Play Riff 2 x 2 during Chorus Black night Running in the black Black night No sign of no light Solo C |C |B |B A |B |A |C#m B C#m B A |B |C |D Riff 2 Riff 3 Verse 3 The same chords as the other verses A B A B No where to run, no where to hide, out in the cold Chorus Play riff 2 till the end End on Em
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