Heathers – Margie chords

This is a pretty fun song. I didn't write out everything but it's pretty easy to figure 
what goes where. I know the chords aren't what the heathers play but it sounds pretty 
to me!

Capo on 3rd fret!
Standard Tuning!

Intro – G – Cadd9 – D - D


G Cadd9 DIf I was to tell you a story, would you keep it to yourself and not tell anybody else?
G Cadd9 D Like you've done before.
G Cadd9 DIf I was to pass you on a secret would you lock it up and keep it in a room full of keys
G Cadd9 D So it wouldn't get lost?
e|---3----|---3----|---3----|---3----|B|---3----|---3----|---3----|---3----|G|---0----|---0----|---0----|---0----|D|---0----|---0----|---0----|---0----|A|---3----|---2----|---x----|---x----|E|---0----|---0----|---3----|---2----| Walking...down......Road.....day
Well, I was walking down the road one day when I spied a building that had fallen to decay. Underneath all the rocks and rubble and memories, were hundreds and billions of stories. So I crawled inside and I gathered them up and I read what they said like anybody would To my surprise they just happened to be a complete mirror image of my life story CHORUS: G - Cadd9 - G - D
G Cadd9 GDo you realise that when you are young, you tend to take for granted what
Deverybody's done?
G Cadd9 GDo you realise that when you are young, you tend to turn an eye from the
Dthings that mean the most and,
Do you realise that when you are young, the things you take so seriously mean nothing at all Do you realise that when you are young, the stories you recall are the influential sort. VERSE: So I, I went and told you that story, didn't keep it to yourself went and told everybody To my surprise. But I, I didn't let it get me down, I don't often take these stories as they clearly to sound. Because most of the time they're lies. OTHER PART OF THE VERSE: Believe it or not I retraced my steps and I carried on walking back to where we first the stories we shared strewn all over the ground. The stories we shared, I wish I'd never found.
G Cadd9 GBut I glued them back together, hoping everything would be better, and we'd
Dbe back together. Everything would be fine.
These things are meant to happen. And the evidence not forgotten. Everything will be everything will be fine. (GOES BACK TO CHORUS)
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