Heavens Gate – Shes Gone tab

Song: Shes gone
Artist: Heavens Gate
Album: The gate
Tab by: Dean Ziemba 
Hey here is the tabs for a great song man, play the VERSE chords like this
    G1                                        G2
---------------------------------------|-------------------------------------------------------------------3--------------|------------------------3------------------------------0--------------0--------0--|------------0--------------0----------0-----------0---------0-------------0-------|-------0--------0---------------0-------------------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------3------------------------------------|---2--------------------------------------- c1 C2
Strum these chords throught the chours.. G1 G2 C1 C2 ----0--------0--------0---------0--- ----3-------3--------3----------3--- ----0-------0--------0----------0--- ----0-------0--------0----------0--- ----0-------0--------2----------3--- ----3-------2--------0----------0---
Intro play the verse 2 tiimes Verse 1 (pick chords as above) 1 Hear to the door* 2 He paused to stand* 1 Is he took his class ring* 2 Off her hand* 1 Ill who were watching* 2 Did not speak* 1 Is a silent tear* 2 Can down his cheek* Chorus (strum chords) G1 And through his mind* 2 She memories ran* 1 If the moments they walked* 2 And ran in the sand Verse 2 (save as 1) But now her eyes were so terribly cold* or he would never again* Save her to hold* They watched in silence* Is he bent near* And whispered the words..*.... LOVE YOU" in her ear* Chours: Bridge: strum chords G C Ae touched her face and started to crrrrrrrrrrrrry* C Is he put on his ring and wanted to diiiiiiiiiiiiiiie* C And just then the wind began to blooooooooow* Is they lowered her casket* Into the snooooooow....* This is what happens* No man alive.....* When friends let friends....* D Driiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiink and driiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive.* PLAY VERSE INSTRUMENTAL 2x HEN CHOURS 1x Chours 2x
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